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October 29, 2020
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Span Calculator and Estimator for Roof Tech

Span calculator simply takes in your project details and quickly calculates the minimum span based on your standards. The engineering standards for designing the system are stored in the server that can quickly provide the user with the final result in real-time. You can email the results to someone else, or send them to another application with our built-in API requests. #polygonsmedia #rooftach #solar #solorpanelinstallation



Fully design your project with Solar Mounting Estimator. When the engineering standards for designing the system are provided, we can customize an awesome tool for your project creation based on your needs.

Ability to design on a blank page or the rooftop of a specific location from Google Satellite images.
Provides BOM, layout, and all the other engineering reports, ability to view or download the reports in PDF format
Ability to control the use of the application by your clients with the Admin dashboard.
Create an account and save all your designed projects, pick up where you left off, adjust what you have completed, or start a new project
We design the estimator to perfect to your standards and needs
Fast, reliable, on-the-fly results with just a couple of clicks.