A Few Words About Us

At Polygons Media, our mission is to provide small businesses with the tools and expertise they need to navigate the digital landscape successfully. We strive to empower our clients to leverage the latest technologies and innovative strategies to achieve their business goals. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering top-quality solutions tailored to each client's unique needs, ensuring their long-term success and growth.

Our Team

Kayvan Momeni

Kayvan, as the CEO of Polygons Media, leverages his extensive experience as a computer science professor to help small businesses thrive by incorporating the latest technologies. With over 20 years of experience in teaching and enhancing sales through innovative media and search visibility strategies, Kayvan's leadership plays a vital role in driving your business toward success. His ultimate goal is to empower small businesses to remain competitive in today's constantly evolving digital landscape.

Clair Yeo-Sugajski


Anny Moreira

Anny has a background in Cognitive Science, Design, and Product Management. Throughout her journey as a UC Berkeley student, she has specialized in marketing, client solutions, and design innovation. Having collaborated with NGOs to develop data analytics dashboards and virtual reality features, Anny has acquired a diverse set of skills that include Python, Java, Tableau, Figma, and project management tools.

Muhammad Rameez

Rameez is an engineering graduate who loves solving engineering problems. He is responsible for providing technical support , maintenance, up-gradation and designing of web application at Polygons Media. He has expertise in Angular, Webflow, Node.js and Google cloud technologies.

Julia Rogers

Currently in her second year at Skyline College, Julia is preparing to transfer to a university to complete her Bachelors in Data Science. She is an avid learner ready to take on whatever challenges face her and has top notch interpersonal skills.

Simin Farrokhi


Farzan Jafeh, PhD

Farzon is a principal data scientist at Health Elevance with over two years of experience in the field. With a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Dallas, Farzon has been working as a data scientist since 2014, specializing in the application of machine learning techniques in industries such as telecommunications, finance, and manufacturing. In Farzon's career so far, they have created over 200 production-level machine learning models.

Prior to their current position, Farzon taught data science at Emory University for two years and served as an assistant professor of Mathematics at Kennesaw State University for two years. Farzon is also a proud parent of two sons and is of Iranian descent.

When not working, Farzon enjoys reading as their main hobby. Their expertise in data science and machine learning, combined with their academic background in mathematics, makes them a valuable asset in their current role and a respected member of the data science community.