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June 3, 2016
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Polygons Media prepares your online store for the shopping behavior this holiday season.
October 29, 2020


More business for your business with Polygons Media

Free listings in Google Search results makes your offers more reachable to the hundreds of people who shop on Google hourly. Polygons Media connects you to more customers in more places-whether they’re across the country or across the street.

Polygons Media

free listings on Google Search are a big step forward in democratizing access to digital commerce, benefiting shoppers and merchants with more choices across the board.

When you are shopping online, it can be super difficult to find the product that you want, the bestseller, or the best value. People often have many high-quality choices available but aren’t always aware of them all or don’t have an easy way to access them. For many merchants, connecting with customers in a digital environment is still relatively new territory or a smaller part of their business. However, consumer preference for online shopping has increased dramatically, and it’s crucial that we help people find all the best options available and help merchants more easily connect with consumers online.
Today, the buying options in this panel are all sponsored links. Starting this spring, these listings will be free. We’re rolling this out in the U.S., first on mobile, followed later by desktop. Learn more about listing your products for free across Google surfaces in our help center.

Finally, Polygons media’s message is that Shopping ads continue to be a great tool for merchants to engage with consumers and will appear separately at the top of the page, clearly marked like Google’s other ad units. Merchants can choose how to show up and shoppers can choose where to click.